Employee Benefits

Employees throughout the region are discovering that Transit Benefits can save them money! Section 132(f) of the federal tax law allows for employees to have money deducted pre-tax (up to the monthly limit) from their paycheck to pay for their transit fares. By deducting these pre-tax, employees can save up to 40% through reduced taxes paid. Below is an example of how someone can save through the pre-tax deduction.

Monthly Income Without
Pre-Tax Benefit1
Monthly Gross Salary  $4,000
Federal Taxes ($1,120)
FICA  ($ 306)
State Tax ($ 200)
Post-Tax Income $2,374
Transit Fare2 ($ 265)
After Tax & Transit $2,109
Monthly Income With
Pre-Tax Benefit1
Monthly Gross Salary  $4,000
Transit Fare2 ($ 265)
Pre-Tax Income  $3,735
Federal Taxes ($1,046)
FICA ($ 286)
State Tax ($ 187)
After Tax & Transit $2,216

Savings of $107 each month   |   $107 x 12 months = $1,284 in Annual Savings

1) Assumes employee included in the 28% tax bracket, pays 5% state sales tax and 7.65% in FICA.
2) Assumes employee deducts the maximum each month.

How do I use transit benefit?

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Getting Started

If you already commute on transit and aren’t enrolled in a transit benefit fare program, check with your employer to see if one is offered.  If so, sign up!  If your employer does not offer a transit benefit fare program, encourage your employer to enroll.  You can send your employer an email containing a link to the RTA Transit Benefit Fare Program website.